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However complex your case, we'll work with you to find solutions that cut through the grind of litigation and achieve your essential >

Downs Rachlin Martin attorneys provide clients a the full range of legal services in the telecommunications, emerging renewable energy, transmission, generation and natural gas markets.

Outshine your competitors by teaming with a powerhouse law firm in the energy and telecom space. Our lawyers have the contacts, ideas and experience to help you make things happen.

Fresh Thinking: Energetic ideas powered by those who know the lay of the land.

Turn the tables on cyber risks with smart prevention tactics, effective defenses and swift responses.

Whether it’s on the front end – getting ahead of the problem – or the back – dealing with high-stakes risks – our legal and IT professionals bring foresight and ingenuity to the increasingly important task of keeping your personal information, assets and other sensitive business data safe and sound.

In court and out, Downs Rachlin Martin's innovative advocates find leverage that brings adversaries to the table, and outcomes that provide unexpected value.

Downs Rachlin’s innovative advocates look beyond motion practice and procedural rules to business realities. No matter how complex your case, we seek solutions that cut through the slow grind of litigation to quickly achieve your essential needs.

Creative License: When reaching an innovative solution is a best practice.

To prosper in a fast-changing global marketplace, count Downs Rachlin Martin's attorneys among your key business assets.

DRM lawyers bring a can-do attitude along with innovative, pragmatic ideas that help your business thrive.

Pearls of Wisdom: Downs Rachlin Martin business attorneys deliver pearls of wisdom and uncommon value.

Keep your workforce working with Downs Rachlin Martin's Labor and Employment Lawyers. 

Downs Rachlin Martin Labor and Employment Attorneys get to the crux of any problem and find pragmatic, business-minded solutions.

Sharp Ideas: When efficiency matters, bright minds get right to the point.

When great ideas strike, Downs Rachlin Martin Intellectual Property lawyers help capture their value.

Protect your brainchild with smart ideas from a law firm that knows the business of innovation. Our lawyers talk tech, think business - and create legal strategies that keep you ahead of the competition.